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About me


Why the name P4nz3rwels?

For the explanation I have to go far back into the past. It all started in 2003 in a shooter called Vietcong. At that time I was still playing under the name Sleeper. One evening in Teamspeak we all came up with the idea of naming ourselves after fish. Partly real and partly fictitious fish names were created. I chose the name P!ranha and played with it for quite a while, but at some point the short form "Pipi" became established for me and well, what can I say, I didn't find that particularly pleasant (information for English speakers: "Pipi" is a childish form for piss in German) 😋
In 2005, Battlefield 2 was released, where I played as Piranha at the beginning. Then, however, my former clan dissolved and I joined the gaming community "The ChAoS Company", where I am still a member today. Since I was and am a passionate tank driver in Battlefield, this was of course the opportunity for a name change.
As expected, however, Panzerwels was already in use, so I considered the 1337 spelling.

And what can I say, I have remained loyal to the name to this day.

Who is behind P4nz3rwels?

Behind the name P4nz3rwels is a simple guy from the good '87 year. I'm a real southern Hessian and therefore very happy to talk, I must note that right away. Apart from that I am a passionate gamer and hobby developer in the area of Javascript, HTML and PHP. Here the focus is really on hobby. I neither learned it, nor can I say that my creations are optimally performant. But they do their job and run. Maybe they need a few milliseconds longer than professional developments, but that doesn't bother me.